Experience what reiki can do for you

Energy works, also for you. I welcome you in my reiki studio in Eindhoven, together we find out the cause of your imbalances.

Treatment of problems

During a Reiki treatment i place my hands carefully on the body. Your energy flow can be blocked and these blockages can cause different complaints . My training and extensive experience allow me to feel where your blockages are and release them. The blockages can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Reiki can have a beneficial effect on, for example, the following conditions:

Over-stimulation and hyper-sensitivity (HSP)

Tensions and stress

Tiredness, lack of energy

Burn-out, lethargy, depression

Muscle ache, head aches, neck-, shoulder and back pain, injuries

Emotional issues and problem with sleeping

Anxieties, such as performance anxiety, nervousness, lack of self confidence

What happens during a treatment?

During and after a treatment clients experience relaxation in mind and body, emotions and/or a form of tiredness. It is for example very common (for you and me) me to start to yawn, increase swallowing, burp and sometimes cry during a treatment. This signifies the release of blockages and letting go of emotions and pains. Tensions make room for relaxation and discharge.After clearing up the blockages I replenish you’re body with pure energy. In short, a treatment at Energie Werkt will look like this:


Welcome in my reiki studio in Eindhoven with tea or water and answering any questions you may have.


You take your shoes off and lay (fully clothed) on the treatment table.


In the energy healing I will lay my hands in different angles on and above your body.


After the treatment there is time to discus your experience and I will give you advice.

“Ik want people to experience the positive energy of reiki and have them realise how pleasant it is when you allow yourself to be yourself.”

How many treatments do you need?

Sometimes just one treatment can already give you enough energy to continue and enhance personal growth. For profound changes or to address deeply rooted issues, multiple treatments are needed where we discover what has caused the energy blockages in the first place. However, every single treatment has an effect. Even if we do not touch upon the root cause in the first treatment, each treatment will still provide you with relaxation and renewed energy. I gladly welcome you in my reiki studio in Eindhoven to experience this.

Customer testimonials

“I am a MS patient. My problems often have, apart from the physical, also a psychological side. Ilona’s approach of a good talk followed by a very relaxing reiki treatment calms me, makes me better cope with tensions and allows me to better accept my constraints. But most importantly is that the treatment is a very enjoyable experience.”


After my first treatment I was still a bit sceptical but booked a second treatment with Ilona  nonetheless. That was a good decision. The session was pleasant and relaxed. Ilona clearly explains what happens during the treatment and provides useful advice for after the treatment. After this second treatment I am convinced that reiki adds value in my life.“


Want to get more in touch with yourself?

One treatment can already be enough to clear imbalances and is a step closer towards yourself. I happily help you in your journey. Choose your desired package! 

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