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Don’t ignore your problems. There are so many reasons to try out reiki. I gladly help you.

The most important reasons and questions why people come to me for a treatment, are:

I am stuck in my head and want to get more control over my emotions. Can you help me?

I have physicial complaints, but can’t seem to find the cause of it!

I want to gain more clarity in my thoughts and feelings, how do I do that?

What can I do to really relax, so I am able again to fully feel and act from my own power.

How can I let go of things? I am going in rounds in my mind and am worrying a lot.

Mentally I have tried a lot but I keep getting stuck when it comes down to my feelings.


Do you recognise any of the questions? Do you have the need to give more attention to your internal processes? Or can you use some positive energy? I gladly help you. Everybody can use positive energy. We are all capable to transform our negative thought and feelings in kindness towards ourselves. This can be difficult however, especially when you spend a lot of your energy on stress, tensions or the never-ending stream of thoughts in your mind.

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“Reiki was really outside my comfort zone. But since I was experiencing a lot of stress I was open to trying it out. The intake with Ilona was very pleasant. The treatment itself was an unique experience, positively meant. During the treatment I became more and more calm and relaxed. The days after the treatment I felt like a burden had fallen off my shoulders, I felt lighter. Ever since it is easier for me to let go of certain issues and I am less stressed out. I was positively surprised when, a few days after the treatment, Ilona sent me a message to check how everything went. I am very pleased with that.”


“When I experienced pains in my calf I went to a physiotherapist. When this person couldn’t solve it quick enough, I visited Ilona. I didn’t really know what to think of reiki, but I was willing to give it a try. Luckily Ilona immediately creates a comfortable atmosphere. You notice she is sincere. With full dedication and commitment she spent her time on me. For months I experienced pains in my right calf and the day after the reiki treatment it was gone! I am surprised how it works. Not everthing can be treated in one go so I will return again for my back. It is a special experience every time.”


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