do not use your energy to worry. use your energy to believe.

Energy works!

I am Ilona Grigoletto. During my teenage years I discovered that I consciously noticed other people’s feelings/emotions, but also that I unconsciously was able to reduce unrest with people. And not just unrest, also physical problems. I started off with head and hand massages in a hair salon. When I first met with a reiki master I learned how energies flow and the influence you can have on this flow. It all became clear to me. Energy works! The name for my own reiki studio was an easy choice (energie werkt means energy works).


Wat reiki means to me

Whenever I was stuck in my head, or when I had taken up other peoples feelings/emotions and carried them with me, I visited a reiki master. She put me back on my feet, making sure I was comfortable in my own skin by rebalancing my energy flow. I always felt that this was the line of work I wanted to do, but actually following-up on that thought and acting upon it was too soon. 


Follow you intuition

I have worked in the corporate world for many years, experiencing performance pressure, stress, et cetera. Slowly I started to realise that my body and mind weren’t aligned anymore. I wasn’t sleeping well and when I started to get burn-out related symptoms I decided to follow my feeling. It was time. I was already meditating for a few years but started with a reiki training program. At first to find my own inner peace and balance, but reiki 2 and 3 (for helping others) quickly followed. While treating friends and acquaintances with my reiki I have also followed a Vipassana meditation course. 

The best decision I have ever made

At one point in time I started to realise that I was ready to also help persons whom I didn’t know. I also found out that my reiki treatment worked well alongside sessions with a coach or psychologist. It is not just one or the other, it complements other treatments. The decision to have my own reiki studio was the best decision of my life. Ever since I feel peace and calm; I feel at home.  

How can I help you?

Reiki makes you feel balanced. Together we will have a look at your problems and how to reduce or even have them disappear. Depending on your problems we will determine which package suits you best. Think of illnesses such as a burn-out, depression, tensions and stress, tiredness, anxieties or physical pains such as muscle aches, head aches, neck-, shoulder- and back pains and injuries. I offer you a safe and comfortable surrounding allowing you to feel at ease and relax. Send me a message with your question of book an appointment directly.

Customer Testimonials

“A warm welcome and I immediately felt in a safe environment. During the healing I quickly got into a deep relaxation. After the healing and during the evaluation I notice I am feeling calm and I know the solution to my problem. The healing brought me closer to myself and gave me the stability to function better in daily life. Now and then when I notice things are more difficult, I reconnect with the healing and the energy I felt to ground and align myself. Since I have received quite a few reiki healings over the years, I confidently say that Ilona passes through very powerful and pure energy. Absolutely recommended!”


“After my first treatment I was still a bit sceptical but booked a second treatment with Ilona  nonetheless. That was a good decision. The session was pleasant and relaxed. Ilona clearly explains what happens during the treatment and provides useful advice for after the treatment. After this second treatment I am convinced that reiki adds value in my life.”


Do you want to get closer to yourself?

One treatment will already make you feel recharged and closer to yourself. I am here to help you. Choose the right reiki package for you.

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