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Unwind your mind and your body. Experience what reiki can do to you. Welcome at Energie Werkt!

Get more comfortable in your own skin

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin again? Are you experiencing stress? Do you have physical complaints? You feel like something is blocked but you do not know how to solve it? I gladly help! When your energy isn’t flowing naturally due to energy blockages in the body, several complaints can arise. Releasing these blockages will heavily reduce your illnesses or even have them fully disappear. In my studio Energie Werkt (Energy Works) I use reiki to take away the energy blockages thereby allowing the energy to flow again, giving an immediate sense of relief.  

Why reiki?

Feel healthy

Your energy field will be cleaned, protected and recharged leaving you feeling (energetically) fit.

Get out of your head

Your mind will come to ease when you learn to trust your intuition

Break through patterns

Wounds from the past and unprocessed trauma can surface and will be dealt with.

Recover from physical illnesses

The cause of your physical illnesses will be determined, and the treatment will heavily reduce or take away your illnesses.

Take control over your emotions

Learn to feel what your body is telling you and how to deal with it.

Experience intense relaxation

During and after a treatment you will experience relaxation in both your mind and body.

Let my introduce myself

I am Ilona Grigoletto. During my teenage years I discovered that I consciously noticed other people’s feelings/emotions, but also that I unconsciously was able to reduce restlessness and physical problems with others. When I came in contact with a reiki master, it all became clear to me. Energy works! I want people to experience this positive energy and have them realize how pleasant it is when you allow yourself to be yourself. That you allow yourself to feel, to recognize and acknowledge your feelings and accept them as they are. We are all capable to transform our negative thought and feelings in kindness towards ourselves. From experience I know however that it can be a long road to finding yourself again and I am looking forward helping you in this journey.

Choose your desired package

Customer testimonials

“A warm welcome and I immediately felt in a safe environment. During the healing I quickly got into a deep relaxation. After the healing and during the evaluation I notice I am feeling calm and I know the solution to my problem. The healing brought me closer to myself and gave me the stability to function better in daily life. Now and then when I notice things are more difficult, I reconnect with the healing and the energy I felt to ground and align myself. Since I have received quite a few reiki healings over the years, I confidently say that Ilona passes through very powerful and pure energy. Absolutely recommended!“


“Reiki was really outside my comfort zone. But since I was experiencing a lot of stress I was open to trying it out. The intake with Ilona was very pleasant. The treatment itself was an unique experience, positively meant. During the treatment I became more and more calm and relaxed. The days after the treatment I felt like a burden had fallen off my shoulders, I felt lighter. Ever since it is easier for me to let go of certain issues and I am less stressed out. I was positively surprised when, a few days after the treatment, Ilona sent me a message to check how everything went. I am very pleased with that.”


Do you want tot get closer to yourself?

One treatment will already make you feel recharged and closer to yourself. I am here to help you. Choose the right reiki package for you.

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